Puerto Rican Natives : A New Country With Racial Indiscretion, Stereotyping, And Mass

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Puerto Rican natives have faced immigration to a new country with racial indiscretion, stereotyping, and mass grouping when integrated. In which, comes from a change in our history. As well as several other indiscretions that started at the beginning of the founding.
Puerto Rico was an island indigenous to Taíno Indians. They were those who referred to the islands not as Puerto Rico. But referred to it as the island Boriken, or "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord.” As well as Borinquen, or "land of the great lords".1 Until the year 1492, when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In his ships the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María. Given to him by the monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella. Columbus was hence forth sent to search far and wide to claim any territory for Spain. Under the Document referred to as “The Capitulations of Spain Fe,” Christopher Columbus would become the proxy acting upon the behalf of Spain.1 Rewarding him with rights up to 10% of all assets he claimed in the name of Spain.1 Setting on his adventure from Palos, Spain, on August 3rd. He sailed until he could come across any land, until October 12th. When he had managed to land on the beaches of San Salvador, in the Bahamas. Making it that the now Puerto Rico is the only island that Christopher Columbus actually landed on in the new world. Under the pretense that he had reached the East Indies he dubbed the natives as Indians. Upon his return, Christopher Columbus Painted a…

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