Public Service Is The Selfless Act Of An Individual Essay

2142 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 9 Pages
Public Service is the selfless act of an individual to commit their efforts to serving their communities in such a way that will make their communities better off regardless of the conditions prior to their contributions. Given the hullaballoo surrounding our current political landscape after this past presidential election, there is an increasing urgency for public servants to do their jobs with integrity. Several hate crimes have been motivated by the rhetoric that has been permeated through the media during the campaigning season leading up into the fateful election. Furthermore, it is comprehensible to theorize that the duties of public servants may become more stringent as hate speech has seemingly become tolerable and heinous acts have inadvertently become customary routine as our political leaders have set the precedence for what is considered satisfactory behavior of elected officials. Nevertheless, it is our obligation as public administrators to deliver public services and resources for citizens regardless of who serves in political office. As public servants, we are charged with a daunting task of providing exceptional service and catering to the needs of our diverse communities to sustain what we hold to be the social construct of liberty. It is overwhelmingly pertinent that public servants are engaging with our communities so that we can truly accommodate our constituents with effective policy proceedings that will aid in elevating downtrodden humanity into…

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