Public Schools And Public School Essay

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Janet Napolitano once said, “Public Schools were designed as the great equalizers of our society-the place where all children could have access to educational opportunities to make something of them selves in adult hood.” This belief still stays true today, as public schools prepare students for the next step in life. The first public school system was founded 1635, in Boston, after realizing teaching students to read and write at home and in church was insufficient. Attending a public high school allows for strong community connection, gives freedom to choose religious beliefs, and benefits from public funding, which overall prepares students for college.
Having a strong community connection not only helps outside of school, but also is beneficial to a student’s educational success. Having grown up in a small community myself, and graduating from a school of only 600 students K-12, the community had a huge influence on what goes on inside the school. One aspect was that parents, and other community members, made up the school board. This is rewarding, because it truly allowed the family members to express their thoughts on what are in best interest of the students that are walking threw the halls everyday, which could also be a child of theirs. Not only is the select few of the community sitting and discussing business of the school, but also the other community members are passing levees to benefit the students’ education. According to a member of the Davenport Booster…

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