Public School Vs. Public Schools Essay

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When listening to the podcast it really opened my eyes to see what students in lower class public schools feel about people like me who went to a private school. From what the podcast described people who went to University Heights they were 97% black and Hispanic, Kids who wore hoodies, Jordan’s, and looked like “hoodlums”. Those that attended Fieldston Progressive were preppy rich kids who could afford anything they wanted and were those who were expected to go to college unlike those that went to the public school. The public school children come from families with parents who didn’t attend college, who have minimum wage jobs, and who either neglect or don’t care about their children and their future. The private school children have parents who have high paying jobs, who want to see their children succeed and push them to be their best. Since, those who go to the private school have parents who are interested in their lives they are hard working, excellent students, and those who see a great future. Those from the public school on the other hand don’t see themselves striving or going to college, feel stupid and unworthy of a good life.
2) The futures that I think those from the public school have are very poor and honestly depressing futures. These kids don’t have people to tell them how smart and important they are so they are more likely to be seen as those who don’t finish college. They see themselves having minimum wage jobs and usually having children at a very…

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