Public School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

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There is a substantial rise in the number of public schools requiring uniforms. It is irresponsible to require a uniformed dress code in public schools because not only is it costly, with supposed benefits that are inaccurate, but it also destroys individuality and redirects bullying to other areas.

Requiring uniforms in public schools is not free; in fact it is extremely costly, with Americans spending around one billion dollars per year on the ensembles. ProConorg Headlines states, “school uniforms in public schools undermine the promise of a free education by imposing an extra expense on families” (School Uniforms: Pros and Cons). In America, a free education is established at the time a citizen is born, however, in some cases, the
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Public School Review claims, “fueled by these statistics, more schools across the country are requiring uniforms in their public schools, naming school safety as their primary motivation” (Public School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons for Your Child). Regardless of what someone is wearing, violations of a school’s policy are going to occur. Dressing children in synch is not going to prevent illegal actions or make the children any safer. Dress code and crimes are not related enough to provide ample evidence of the benefits of uniforms. It is not accurate to claim that schools employing uniforms have less crimes and less violations of the school code because there are many other factors to be counted in. Uniforms will not eliminate the possibility of students and outsiders acting out against authority. HotChalk Lesson Plans Page concludes, “critics have argued that because urban and high-poverty schools are most likely to have uniforms, making them mandatory unfairly targets students of color and poor students” (Do Uniforms Improve Public Schools?). At a glance, uniforms may appear to unify students; however, uniforms also single out those who are less fortunate. Children are not unified because of a standard dress code, in fact, it is the opposite. Schools are requiring their students to wear uniforms in hopes of distracting them from the wealthy students. It may seem …show more content…
NLCATPorg writes, “A section of sociologists and educators argue that students should be allowed to express their choices or what they like instead of being compelled to wear specific dresses or uniforms” (7 Critical Pros and Cons of School Uniforms). Students should have the privilege of demonstrating who they are through their wardrobes. By employing uniforms, some public schools are demonstrating hypocrisy. For example, Coatesville Area School District preaches that its diversity makes their district special, however, they strip their students of their diversity by forcing them to dress in uniforms. Regardless of how one views clothes, it is true that they are a distinct part of a person’s personality. Today’s youth spends so much time confined in school, it is unfair to take away one of the only ways they can express themselves in an already limited environment. ProConorg Headlines states, “allowing students to choose their clothing is an empowering message from the schools that a student is a maturing person who is entitled to the most basic self-determination” (School Uniforms: Pros and Cons). Students in all grades are maturing and some are even experiencing puberty. As a person matures and goes through puberty, they develop individual personalities. Style is one of the areas that people develop as they grow older. Taking away the privilege of being able to wear what they please,

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