Public Health Problem : Prescription Drugs Essay

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Public Health Problem:

Prescription Drug Overdose Prescription drugs are used on a daily basis by millions of Americans to sustain life, improve health, and cure various health problems. As much as prescription drugs are a benefit to our nation, they are also abused by a large population of people. The misuse of prescription drugs not only poses a risk for the abusers themselves, but to those around them. Accidents, actions of misconduct, and death are all possible results of prescription drug misuse and overdose. Prescription drugs can be abused in many ways. One way is by taking a medication that has been prescribed for somebody else. Unaware of the dangers of sharing medications, people often unknowingly contribute to this form of abuse by sharing their unused pain relievers with their family members. Another way is by taking a drug in a higher quantity or in another manner than prescribed. Most prescription drugs are dispensed orally in tablets, but abusers sometimes crush the tablets and snort or inject the powder. This hastens the entry of the drug into the bloodstream and the brain and amplifies its effects. You can also abuse prescription medications by taking a drug for another purpose than prescribed. All of the drug types mentioned can produce pleasurable effects at sufficient quantities, so taking them for the purpose of getting high is one of the main reasons people abuse them. Lastly, ADHD drugs like Adderall are also often abused by students seeking…

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