Essay Public Education : Schools And Education

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Schools/Education in Philadelphia

School is one of the most critical and basic tenets of modern society. Here, people develop social skills, character, talent, purpose, and relationships. Public education is so important because it provides everyone with a basic understanding of the world and the tools to conquer it. However, although education is what allows the civilized world to keep running, it is often found neglected. This is what I’ll be exploring in my senior project. What prevents and what allows schools to function properly and I’ll present some options on how to make school a better place to spend most of your life for both students and faculty.

How do schools function?
Most schools are built, owned, and maintained by states with taxpayer money. There are different types of schools. Home-schooling, Private schools, Religious schools, Boarding schools, etc. Non-public schools are not maintained by the government, although they can receive additional funding in special cases. They mostly function the same with a basic curriculum of math, english, sciences, and other classes. In order to advance a grade level and graduate, you are required to pass a certain type and amount of classes. Unlike most other countries, the U.S. educational system grades student performance with letter grades and produces a Grade Point Average from such grades.

Public schools and some non-public schools have common components. They can include in order to fulfil certain educational…

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