Public Approval Of The State Of Voting Essay

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There is a lot of news regarding the state of voting in America. And I regret to say that it is not looking good. The 2012 election saw a 3% decrease in voter turnout, with only 58.2% of eligible voters turning up at the polls. Likewise, public approval of the government has plummeted, with Congressional approval hitting a new low of 9% in 2013. In the face of such political cynicism, it’s clear some kind of a solution is needed. The majority of democratic governments, including the United States of America use the plurality voting system for their elections. Recently however, instant runoff voting has been gaining attention as a superior alternative to plurality voting. Nations such as Australia, Ireland, Papua New Guinea and Malta have already implemented the system for their national elections. And on a more local level, numerous American and Canadian municipalities, as well as various organizations around the world have adopted the system too. What’s more, the movement is gaining in strength. More and more organizations and local governments have begun experimenting with instant runoff voting. In the following paper, I will attempt to define instant runoff voting, exploring its advantages and disadvantages over our plurality voting system. Is instant runoff voting a clear improvement over plurality voting? And if so, can the instant runoff voting system improve the state of voting in America?

Instant runoff voting, also known as the alternative vote in Britain and…

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