Essay on Psychosis - a Case Study

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Summative Assessment One: Case Study There are several key issues apparent for Belinda, one of which is social isolation. Belinda has withdrawn from her family and no longer spends time with her friends. In becoming socially isolated, Belinda is at risk of disruption to her social development leading to an increased likelihood of failure to achieve in the future (EPPIC, 2001). This is evidenced by the fact that Belinda’s grades have dropped significantly over the past six months. For the purpose of this essay, three differential diagnoses will be offered, however in clinical practice it is preferable to refrain from diagnosing a client early in treatment due to the stigma associated with being ‘labelled’ (EPPIC, 2001). The first …show more content…
Symptoms indicative of a mood disorder are also present, such as emotional unresponsiveness, avolition,and anhedonia. These symptoms are in concurrence with those seen in Belinda (see Appendix A). Belinda exhibits a number of these symptoms including anhedonia, avolition, withdrawal as well as the presence of psychotic symptoms (see Appendix A). The differential diagnosis that best matches Belinda’s symptoms is Schizophrenia. With this diagnosis in mind, a plan of treatment and care can be developed for Belinda. EPPIC (2001) identifies that due to the nature of psychotic illness there is an increased risk of disruption to interfamilialand interpersonal relationships. The event of a family member suffering from psychotic illness is likely to be distressing for all concerned, added to that is uncertainty surrounding the illness regarding treatment and prognosis. Psychoeducation, providing information about the pattern of the illness, rationale for the use of medication, time frames for recovery, and expectations, is an invaluable intervention (EPPIC, 2001). Psychoeducation serves to promote understanding and encourages open and honest communication between Belinda and her family; allowing each to express their thoughts, feeling and concerns (see Appendix B). As a result of Belinda’s paranoid thoughts about her parents

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