Psychology Popular Media Paper

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westwood college online | Week 9: Psychological Disorders | Project 2 – Psychology in the Popular Media Paper | | Andrew Carrillo | 10/2/2010 |

Identify and define the psychological construct you have chosen to use. Identify the medium that the construct is evident in and give a brief summary of the story and/or plot of the medium. Explain in detail how the construct is used in the story, play, show, etc. Conclude by identifying what you believe are the good or bad aspects or results of the construct you observe. |

Construct refers to any complex psychological concept. Examples would be a person’s motivation, anger, personality, intelligence, love, attachment, or fear. A Construct’s height, weight or depth cannot be
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Imagine that you want to measure emotional intelligence using a questionnaire. A questionnaire can include more than one measure or scale (a measure of self-esteem and a measure of depression). Questionnaire’s are the most commonly used procedure of data acquisition in field research, and many researchers have questioned how good these questionnaires really are. Field research involves investigating something out in the “real world” rather than in a laboratory. Problems with the reliability and validity of some of these questionnaires have often led to difficulties in interpreting the results of field research. Unfortunately, researchers began using these measures or questionnaires before knowing if they are any good or not, and often make significant conclusions only to be constructed by other researchers later on who are able to measure the constructs more accurately and precisely (Salovey).
The topic that I have chosen for this particular project is Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive use, understand, and manage emotions. Emotional Intelligence is emotional competence, including empathy, self-control, self-awareness, and other skills. In general, being emotionally intelligent means accepting that emotions are an essential part

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