Psychology in Christian Perspective Essay

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Nicolette Douglas
Professor Grace
Introduction to Psychology
November 3, 2010
Psychology in Christian Perspective: An Overview
Chapter 1
Psychological studies are mainly based on the direct observation of human behavior, rather than reasoning or speculation. Psychology is like any other subject- the majority of people have a very shallow and basic understanding of what the study involves, and yet they lack a crucial knowledge of the major struggles and disagreements among those who study it. It does not surprise me that psychology is one of the more popular majors available. By nature, it sparks human curiosity, especially as to what contributes to the system of our thoughts and the pattern in our behaviors. For the first eighteen
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The study of our subconscious is a particularly difficult study, since part of the description of our unconscious is impulses and feelings that we are unaware of. The theory that the unconscious can be safely ignored is naïve, since a large portion of our actions and emotions are deeply affected, and sometimes caused by it. I have not objected to anything in the book in particular up until a particular sentence in the middle of this chapter: Perhaps some people use drugs just because they are illegal. I have never heard such a naïve and idiotic statement. The fact that he does not realize that particular desire is without a doubt caused either by boredom, social pressure, anxiety, or personal issues is unbelievable. It is not acceptable when writing a book, to make off handed, unexplored, thoughtless remarks such as this. I was surprised to read that dreams actually provide a great deal of insight into the processes and focus of our subconscious minds. I feel as though they are a combination of this, and of random neurological impulses of our brains. Whether or not our dreams involve any kind of divine intervention from God, we have no real way of ever knowing for sure. I do feel as though a portion of our dreams are reliving or maybe trying to experience life like experiences within the protection of the

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