Psychology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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People tend to acknowledge behaviors that perplex them, but most people do not stop to ask how these behaviors are acquired. There are many factors that go into the making of a personality, but the most prevalent is the environment in which they were raised. Psychology pays little attention to the impact of neighborhoods for mental illnesses, but recent evidence says it is a major benefactor. The community plays a key role and holds many influential factors that help create the overall image of a person, the way someone acts is due to social surroundings and the exposure they are presented with. Many components go into molding someone’s demeanor and circumstances, causing a variety of different features in people. An environment has a major affect on the outcome of someone 's personality and can be a major contributor to mental health, stability in society, and how life is perceived. What people are exposed to contributes to the way they view the world. Although some people are resilient to what is surrounding them, vulnerable people are likely to absorb the negativity from their environment. Of course, there are other factors that play a role in mental health, but placing an askew person in an area that feels unsafe to them, will ultimately lead to psychological struggles. In addition, “adverse neighborhoods appear to intensify the harmful impact of personal stressors and interfere with the formation of bonds between people, again increasing risk for…

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