Psychology And Crime At The University Of Bradford As My Top Two Choices

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I chose the courses Psychology with Criminology at University of Huddersfield and Psychology and Crime at the University of Bradford as my top two choices. I chose these courses as my top two because they both appeal to me in terms of what career I may want to pursue after university. The course content is both relevant and vital for me to pursue a career in the area of crime and psychology and this will give me a significant advantage when applying for jobs in this sector. When researching the availability of careers in criminal psychology such as, the qualification requirements matched these two courses.
The first year module of the Psychology with Criminology at the University of Huddersfield includes Introduction to Cognition; Biological Psychology and Quantitative Research Methods, Perspectives in Psychology and Psychology of Criminal Behaviour. These interest me because I have been introduced to these at A-level and I would like to develop my knowledge further in these areas. In particular, psychology of criminal behavior is an area that I find extremely interesting and would be motivated to take my studies further. The first year module of the Psychology and Crime course at the University of Bradford includes Introductions to Crime and Criminal Justice, Psychology and Sociology, Social Divisions and Power and State and Society. These modules differ slightly to the Huddersfield modules but introduce the course in a new way as it has topics not covered at A-level,…

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