Psychology : A Deeper Understanding Of The Entire Field Of Psychology

1267 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout this semester in Intro to Psychology, I have gained a deeper understanding of the entire field of psychology. This has allowed me to better understand how and why people act in certain ways. I have learned about human tendencies, different health or psychological disorders, and a variety of other human characteristics. Through this knowledge base that I have gained during my time in this course, I have learned more about myself and what influences how I experience and view the world. A few concepts that I have applied to my own life and influence me, deal with the ideas of mindset, motivation style, and my developing understanding of social situations. Studying psychology has resulted in a better personal understanding of the proper mindset that one should have in order to be successful, and “grow” as a person. Carol Dweck introduced the idea that there are two basic mindsets that people have: growth and fixed (Wade, 2016). Someone with a fixed mindset can often be seen as pessimistic as they continue to tell themselves that they are not good enough. It’s common for them to give up and not try again after failure. Contrary to the fixed mindset, people with a growth mindset often persevere through tough times, challenge themselves, and believe they are capable of achieving difficult endeavors with effort and dedication. It is apparent that having a growth mindset can lead to a wide variety of advantages and allow one to improve through their life experiences.…

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