Psychological And Social Aspects Of Psychic Surgery Essay

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The widespread popularity of psychic surgeons makes the Philippines a metaphorical goldmine for research on the validity of the practice as well as its’ psychological and social aspects within the general public. In another investigative journal of Filipino psychic surgery, titled “‘Psychic Surgery’: Close Observation of a Popular Healing Practice”, written by Philip Singer, many of the trickery that these “surgeons” use is revealed. They noted how the operator would use clever angles and lighting techniques to assist with the optical illusion of making his hand appear to pierce the patient without actually doing so. The practitioner would then “remove harmful debris” from the patient 's body while leaving no openings in the flesh. When in reality these foreign items in the patient’s body were simple, blood-soaked, props that were kept hidden until needed. A prime example of this trick came from the investigation of a specific surgery performed by Reverend Philip S. Malicdan in which he proclaimed to use his abilities to remove unhealthy tissue from a female patient 's caesarean section. The woman trusted his ability to find the ‘Cleavage points’ between cell walls in order to make harmless incisions that left no wounds. However, the results of the operation were investigated thoroughly and the conclusion drawn from the investigation revealed some interesting information. “Even though the blood Malicdan allegedly removed or materialized from her was Type B rather than her…

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