Psychological And Emotional Wellbeing : Susan 's Referral Essay

1322 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
Susan’s referral indicated that her husband and two sons have not been coping effectively with the recent changes to their lifestyle due to her memory and physical impairments. Sean and Isaac have been displaying problematic behaviour, while Juan wishes to move out of the family home to live with a friend. This alteration in family dynamics and roles would also be having a negative impact on Susan’s psychological and emotional wellbeing. Prior to her memory and physical impairments, Susan would likely to have been working, physically independent and highly functional. Susan’s changed circumstances and role within the family would be influencing her sense of self and self-worth, this would be contributing to feelings of depression, frustration and a sense of loss. Susan’s psychosocial health would be significantly contributing to the family dynamics and may be associated with her husband not coping, and her sons’ problematic behaviour.

Emotions and motivation are impacting Susan’s memory, physical injuries and her progress in therapy. Emotions are distinct, spontaneous, involuntary and motivated responses based on environmental conditions and patterns of perception, experience and physiology (Tapias, Keltner & Campos, 2004). Emotion is an evaluative response that encompasses positive or negative feeling states and includes subjective experiences, physiological arousal and behavioural expression (Burton, Weston and Kowalski, 2012). Burton, Westen and Kowalski define…

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