Essay on Psychodynamic Theory As A Practice Technique

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My previous literature entailed me utilizing psychodynamic theory as a practice technique to assist my client base with addressing their barriers. However, social workers throughout their practice will apply different social work practice techniques to address their client base differing issues. Narrative Therapy is another practice approach that I would utilize because this method presents the consumers as the experts in their own lives. This method empowers the consumer by utilizing their potential skill set, experience and mind frame to reduce the consumer barriers throughout life. This places the consumer in a principal role in part from a narrow role in the therapeutic process. The intention is to help consumers realize through the telling of their story the impact of influences on their lives and to focus more on the positive aspects. More so, narrative therapy does not cast out the barrier(s) of the consumer the method treats that aspect as a separate entity. Often, when clinicians address consumer’s barriers pertaining to life experiences the focus shifts and some barriers fail to get addressed. Analyzing a consumer life and barriers through layers provides an understanding of the forces and the roles that sway their behavior. More so, this provides the clinician a litheness in invoking the necessary changes for improvement. In theory, this method indicates people places their lives into stories, and the consumer is not the barrier the barrier is the problem. The…

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