Carl Jung Stranger Things Essay

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A Psychoanalytical Approach on Stanger Things
Numerous psychologists have developed and offered their own theories regarding personality. These theories have been used to describe human nature in an everyday setting and in characters in fictional works. This paper will apply Carl Jung’s psychoanalytical approach on several character from the Netflix original series, Stranger Things.
Carl Jung and Psychoanalytical Psychology
Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who began his career in a mental hospital in Zurich. During his time there Jung and Sigmund Freud would often exchange letters regarding Freud’s work. The two grew close but eventually had a disagreement which ultimately lead to them to breaking off all ties. Afterward, the two never spoke again and Jung commenced to develop his on theories on the human psyche. These theories would later be known as analytical psychology. (Youngs, 2017)
Structure of Jung’s Personality Theory
From the many theories Jung developed, his theories on personality made a lasting impression on society. Jung believed that a person’s personality could be explained when viewed in
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Kali trains Eleven on how to use her powers to their fullest potential. She does this by asking her to concentrate on memories that make her angry. As a result, Eleven is able to move a box car significantly closer to her. During her final showdown with the Mind Flayer, Eleven is not powerful enough to close the portal to the Upside Down. She then remembers Kali’s advice and was able to close the portal and save the day. Regarding the mentor, Campbell (2008) states “[…] words assist the hero through the trial and terrors of the weird adventure”. Kali’s prior advice allowed Elven to get through the trial of closing the portal to the Upside Down and trapping the Demogorgon’s and the Mind Flayer in an alternate

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