Psychoanalytical Criticism Of Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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Paper #2: Psychoanalytical Criticism of Antigone
Sophocles’ play, Antigone, begins in the middle of the night in Thebes. The following days have brought about the war where armed soldiers from the two brothers of Eteocles and Polyneices fought. The two brothers are the sons of Oedipus and brothers to Antigone and Ismene. The need to control the region of Thebes led to the war but in the long run, the brothers ended up killing each other. On one side, the policies soldier who was invading into Eteocles place retreated, giving Creon the authority to lead the city. Therefore, while in the palace, Antigone went to the altar to mourn the death of her brothers.
At this point, Ismene, another daughter of Oedipus, and sister to Antigone is introduced to the scene of the Palace following Antigone closely while echoing the words that Antigone speaks on the altar. Creon, the king had sworn to ensure that anyone who tries to bury or mourn the death of Polyneices will be killed and this decree is the reason Antigone is lamenting. In that case, Antigone calls Ismene and asks her for help to bury Polyneices despite his declaration that sisters have no power to do anything in such circumstances. Antigone insists on burying her brother Polyneices because she values honor and love more preciously than the law and punishment involving a death penalty. Ismene sincerely rejects the idea, but tells her sister she supports whatever decision is made.
Creon enters and tells the subjects in Thebes…

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