Psychedelic Mushrooms Essay

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Shrooms, boomers, magic, psychedelic or hallucinogenic mushrooms are a fungi containing substance capable of causing the user to hallucinate. These types of mushrooms have been around for many years and exist in many different species. These fungi look just like an ordinary fungi but are illegal in many countries; just like other hallucinogenic drugs. They have many different effects on the body, which is why people buy and sell these "magic mushrooms". Hallucinogenic mushrooms are fungi that contain psychedelic substances that make the user hallucinate. The substance in these mushrooms is psilocybin, which is hallucinogenic. The mushrooms can be eaten either fresh or dried. They can also be used to make a tea(Drugs p.24). Either way …show more content…
Excessive yawning usually occurs during the come-up (Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide p.34). The sensory features are usually the most dramatic in the user. Most general doses cause a noticeable enhancement of worldly colors and surfaces, that may seem to ripple or breathe. Heavy experiences cause complex open and closed eye visuals, and objects that warp, morph, or change solid colors.The user can feel a sense of melding into the environment. Natural and artificial sounds may seem to be heard more clearly, and music is perceived with increased enjoyment. Emotions can be experienced with increased sensitivity. Heavier trips carry the increased possibility of a surreal event known as ego death, where the user loses the sense of boundaries between their self and the environment, creating a sort of universal unity. Also, anxiety and paranoia are possible, and if they become severe enough they could culminate into a bad trip. However, this can be easily offset by being in a comfortable place. Mushrooms cause the mind to conduct itself in an unusual manner. Abstract thoughts develop and are often difficult to explain to others correctly. A more-thorough thought pattern becomes apparent. Complex personal issues may be taken on by more experienced users, helping them arrive at a conclusion and make an appropriate change to their lifestyle. During this process, a user may also gain a new perspective on a thought they've

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