PSYC310 Portfolio Project Rollins Essay

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A Psychological Approach to Working in the Accounting Field
Sarah Rollins
Bryant and Stratton College
PSYC310: Organizational Psychology
Professor Achim
June 18, 2014

The United States Census Report from 1870 indicated “the occupations of females, an analysis of the numbers reported… shows a curious, though probably not significant, rate of progression” (Walker, 1870, para. 7). Little did the United States Government realize that less than a century later women in the workforce would be just as prominent as men. While some industries integrated both men and women quickly, the accounting field had some resistance.

Goals and Key Psychological Principles There are four major fields of accounting: public accounting, management
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“Organizational development is a family of techniques designed to help organizations change for the better” (Spector, 2012, p. 353). The change agent is the catalyst for these changes to occur. It acts as a guide and trainer for new ideas and concepts. This relates back to the charismatic leadership necessary in the accounting field and propelling women into the higher management roles.

Job Stressors The primary job stressors that I anticipate within my accounting career are those of workload, social stressors and organizational politics. “Workload concerns the work demands that the job places on an employee” (Spector, 2012, p. 286). Having too much or too little to do, can cause stress on an employee. Social stressors relate to organizational politics in that they can both include interpersonal conflicts and mistreatment (Spector, 2012, p. 287). In preparing myself for work-related stresses, I can anticipate the outcomes to resolve these issues. I think that the primary source of resolution is communication. Communicating to upper management about workloads and any conflicts within the workplace allow grievances to be heard upfront. This way, less resentment is created. I am resourceful. I know where to go to get help when I do not necessarily know the answer to a problem. In reading, Human Relations Strategies for Success, I have discovered I am very self-aware of my accomplishments and strengths. Lamberton says, “Positive

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