Psy 230 Week 8 Ass. Erikson Timeline Essay

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When discussing the timeline of Erik Erikson, we will discover how he formed his theory of psychosocial developmental, along with explaining what stage my friend and I are currently in within his timeline. Erik Erikson (1902-1994) was a German born American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst, whom formed a theory of psychosocial development on the human life cycle. Erikson’s major innovation was to take Freud’s psychosexual stages of the libido and transform them into a developmental model of psychosocial tasks, which identified eight stages of human development and their corresponding psychosocial tasks. (McAdams, 2009, "Chapter 9, Developmental Stages In Childhood ") To really determine which stage I’m currently in I had to …show more content…
Regardless of what we go through negative or positive, our friendships and my relationship keeps growing while loving one another each day. Psychosocial Stage 6- Intimacy vs. Isolation, which the age range is from 20-39 is the stage where individuals are still developing a sense of their own personal identity. The establishment of the adult self and the development of intimate relationships may be difficult to separate from each other. (McAdams, 2009, "Chapter 9, The Problem of Identity, Identity and Intimacy "). Many individuals have trouble developing intimate relationships since, they have not yet developed/addressed their own identities/ identity issues. Erikson stated “a person may be unable to be ‘‘truly’’ intimate with others until he or she has first made considerable progress in addressing the identity issue”. (McAdams, 2009, "Chapter 9, The Problem of Identity, Identity and Intimacy "). Once they have established their sense of identity, they will begin to develop close, committed relationships with others. Being successful at this step will enable them to form long-term intimate or reciprocal relationships. However, those with a poor sense of self are also most likely to isolate themselves, and will have less committed friendships and relationships.
When choosing someone who I know that is in another stage of life would be my best

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