Prudential Financial Case Analysis

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I wanted thank you for allowing Bagley Consulting Solutions the opportunity to work with Prudential Financial. As requested, we have evaluated the email and internet usage company wide, which would include the board of directors and have made recommendations on potential policy’s that would reduce overall personal employee usage of the internet as well as prevent unethical or malicious activity. Our analysis included incoming and outgoing email, websites access, and overall internet usage by employee. Based on our assessment, we are making the following recommendations:
1. Redefine employee polices for email and internet usage.
2. Implement an annual acknowledgement/certification of said policies.
3. Implement processes for Corporate Governance.
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The Privacy Act was developed to regulate and protect certain aspects of consumer privacy. Therefore, an important decision must be made when considering sending customer information via email based on Regulation S-P. Regulation S-P is a Securities and Exchange Commission regulation requiring financial institutions to protect nonpublic personal information of individual customers (Kelvin, 2008). It protects information, which includes but is not limited to shareholder names, addresses, social security numbers, PIN numbers, investments by fund and class, account balances, and account transactions. Also protected in Regulation S-P is the fact that a shareholder even has an account in one or more of the funds. Regulation S-P requires us to notify our shareholders of our privacy policy (Kelvin, …show more content…
With the increased use of technology and Internet, it is very important to focus on the privacy policy at workplace. Internet and e-mail policy referred to the policy that controls the usage and Internet browsing behavior at workplace, which would also deter from malfeasance activity within the organizations. Corporate governance is needed in order to maintain and evaluate process and policies. The governance should include the include monitoring the activities through electronic monitoring system. This can be done with collaborative work of human resource and IT department, conducting surprise audit on a monthly or weekly basis to better control the Internet usage by the employees. In addition to having a clear and comprehensive acceptable usage policy in place, as well as ensures employees are made aware of such policy and recognize there are consequences of their non-compliance. Management should continue to review the acceptable usage policy regularly and ensure it is up to date and work to educate employees about the implications of personal use of internet at work. To ensure the reduction in internet usage, it is also recommended that management provide computers in an environment that is dedicated for

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