Essay on Prostitution : Sex For Money Or Favors

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A prostitute in the 18th century was anyone who engaged in sex for money or favors. It is important to note that people could engage in prostitution without it being their sole career. Prostitution could and was most often a side job, used to help supplement low wages in domestic service or other occupations. Those that were career prostitutes were often picked up by a procurer, usually an old woman who would either trick or coerce the adolescent into performing sexual acts for money. These prostitutes would use local inns or taverns as meeting places for their clientele and lived with other prostitutes and a supervisor in a brothel or bawdy-house. A brothel or bawdy-house was a dwelling that was specifically set up to attract those wanting to engage in sex or any place that offered rooms to those that wish to provide sex for money. Women that walked the streets of London looking for those that would like to engage in sex were called streetwalkers or nightwalkers. Streetwalkers use lewd gestures and words to attract patrons for service. Streetwalkers were considered to be a public menace and thus became the targets of police and community action. This paper focuses on streetwalkers, bawdy-houses and the laws, regulations and tactics used to control them over the course of the eighteenth-century. It explores the relationship between social advocacy groups and the law in the eighteenth-century and attempts to shed new light on how public opinion shapes laws over time. The…

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