Prosperity Of The 1950 ' S Essay

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Prosperity of the 1950 's The 1950 's was a very flourishing decade and the economy was prospering because Americans were spending more on items that were once scarce during the war. The growing rate of the nations supplies and services actually doubled and rose from approximately $300 billion in 1950 to $500 billion in 1960.The increase in spending, fueled by the cold war and military spending during the Korean conflict, was an very important boost to the economy. The fundamentals of the prosperous 1950 's were new cars, suburban lifestyle, advances in technology and medicine, and pop culture. Since Americans were receiving a larger income it lead to more spending on extra items. Americans were buying cars because they were converting to a suburban style of living. (“Culture in the 1950’s”)The establishment of the new car reflected the prosperity of the 1950 's because more people wanted to live in a suburban setting so living farther away from town made cars more essential for Americans. The affordability of the new car and gasoline made driving to work possible. The interstate highway system also made it more easier for citizens to get from the suburbs to the cities. The highways were for people traveling and for people living in the suburbs and the highways also led to more people spending on the drive in movies that were not in the city. (“Culture in he 1950’s”)The new car also provided jobs at the drive- in, restaurants, and malls. So it was even more accessible…

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