Persuasive Essay: The Minimum Wage Debate

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The Minimum Wage Debate It seems like the only thing people talk about these days is how much they think the minimum wage should be. It 's time to finally end the great debate. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but sometimes there is just one right answer. This paper will weigh the pros and cons of each side and figure out the best option. Raising the minimum wage could benefit a lot of people 's income. It could really help someone live a better life even with just a few dollars more an hour. Someone living on minimum wage as it is right now most likely lives paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to provide for themselves or even their family. The cost of living has risen but the minimum wage hasn’t. Even working a 40 hour …show more content…
That number in and of itself is just ridiculous, it’s such a small number that it just seems unreal. A person working full time on minimum wage after taxes would only make about $12,000 a year which is the threshold of poverty for someone living alone. Can you imagine if you had kids or a partner to pay for as well? Forget about it! There is no way you could do that.
Raising the minimum wage would increase the production of workers because they would have a good incentive to work. I work at a daycare and when I’m holding a baby in one arm and breaking up a fight with another, sometimes i wonder how all of this hard work is only worth $7.25.I know that I would do a better job if I were making double the amount of money I was before. In some ways raising the minimum is just common sense.
So yes, the minimum wage debate is a very controversial one but I believe that raising it would be the best option for everyone. More money for hard workers, increase in production of products, and a boost in the economy. Life would be so much better if we could all just make just a little more money. So if there ever comes a time in which we need to vote on this subject, I hope I’ve guided you onto the right

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