Pros And Cons Of Stereotypes In The English Language

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The English language has so many variations all over the world, a handful just within the United States. The west coast or more specifically California has the typical "valley girl" vernacular. While on the far east coast of Massachusetts there is the Boston accent. In the south where there are majority people of color the vernacular starts to mostly generalize to form a “southern accent”. This southern accent is what people generalize as “ghetto” and the way majority of black people talk. "you talk black" is what is often told to non-people of color who speak this way. I do not speak this way, so as you can imagine the ridicule I get from not only nonpeople of color but from people of my own ethnicity as well.
I grew up in a small suburb on
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As a kid, never would I think I 'd be made fun of for speaking properly. A lot of times I 'd become the joke because I was the little black girl who didn 't grow up in the ghetto and had both her parents in her life. I think stereotypes exist because a majority of groups start to share similar characteristics and talents. But I don 't think it 's fair to make assumptions about a particular group of people based on a stereotype which is the problem a lot of people have. Stereotypes can be advantages and disadvantages depending on the person. For example, if an Asian kid was really just as good at basketball as a black kid the Asian kid would be a lot more recognized because many people would agree the black kid SHOULD be good at basketball. The Asian stereotype is that they are good at school so one being good at basketball would be good for him because he’s breaking the stereotype. But, it would be bad for the black kid because even though he’s just as good or even slightly better he wouldn’t be recognized. Stereotypes make or break people but I think this is one of the largest reasons they exist or continue to exist even though they’re obviously not always …show more content…
There is no way of escaping stereotypes as people will be ignorant for the rest of our lives that for certain will never change. The best thing to do is realize that everyone is different and that includes people who stray from the normal stereotype. If a certain person from a group fits one particular stereotype does not mean that they would meet another. We need to let people be themselves and not have to worry about what others think. Obviously, this is not realistic for everyone but it would be Ideal. We don 't live in a perfect world but it does only take one person to cause a domino effect of

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