Pros And Cons Of Sex Choice

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“Is she having a girl or a boy?” is the first thought that comes to mind when anyone notice a pregnant woman. Normally in the expecting mother first trimester she is wondering the same thing. But imagine if everyone could pick the gender of their unborn child. This would end every last tradition the world has come to know and love. No more guessing games or reveal showers. The question is “should sex selection for medical and non-medical reasons be available for parents in the U.S.A?” To my way of thinking, medical reasons would be fine for sex selection but only for those reasons. For those medical reason is why it is monitored heavily by the FDA. We all know if it was not monitored every couple would be in line for their baby of choice. …show more content…
This stems from Cryobank commonly known as Sperm bank.” A sperm bank is a specialized laboratory for the collection and storage of sperm. Sperm banks can provide two different types of service: A facility where a man can bank his sperm for future use or a facility where a couple can purchase donor sperm.”(N.P., n.d. Web) So, from the couple’s position they will go to pick which sperm matches their list of characteristics, and then there is a complete background check on the donor to tell the couple’s if they carry certain traits or have a certain history. I truly believe there is a no difference between the two and if we allow the couples to choose their sex selection then what will be next? Everything about a natural birth would be thrown out the window. Scientist will eventually be able to combine the sperm choosing and the sex selection together to make a genetically engineered child. GATTACA would be our prime example of the …show more content…
When having any surgical procedure there is always a chance something can go wrong. And with women’s reproductive system being so fragile just the slightest nick could cause a lifetime of issues. As women we pride ourselves on having children so when that is taking away from us it cause worriment. That’s why I don’t agree with it being available to everyone unless you have tried the natural way first. In addition to that it can have the same affect on a couple’s relationship. If everyone is given the choice of sex selection what happens when the couple comes to difference on how their child is conceived. With everything else that adds to a relationship this would top the list. Like any human we feel very adamant about our children, so you can guarantee there will be no happily ever

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