Pros And Cons Of Measuring Human Intelligence

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Measuring human General intelligence seems to be a very difficult task in the sense of defining what to test for and what is considered intelligent. There are two different theories in the progress towards measuring intelligence Generalized intelligence is a narrower definition of intelligence focusing on analytical intelligence. The other theory is multiple intelligence which say that there are multiple types of intelligence that are separate from each other this number is one that is still being debated. intelligence is a very important part of life and was been a great determiner of survival. I think the stress of importance on certain types of intelligence is a shifting one, depending on the situation is being encountered. People have certain strengths in some areas of intelligence and weakness in some, these can also be mental disabilities that make each person different. Testing that are for the purpose of measuring people intelligence and predicting success or failure …show more content…
Some people argue that standardized testing actually are bias towards people who have money, like help tutoring on these types of test or support if they were falling behind. While others argue that these types of tests are what makes the level field even. As it allows kids who are not finically will off a chance to come out of the cycle. It has been argued that tests like IQ test and SATs help people who other wise wouldn’t have an opportunity to go to college open door for them. It would also make sense that what is important to each culture is what that culture will focus on these test have an ability to liable certain cultures as being intelligent and other as unintelligent. Creating stereotype’s about certain culture that could either be good or bad. For example, the Asian have high IQ and do better on the SAT. This doesn’t mean that all Asians are do well of these test but they are more likely to do because it also a cultural

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