The Pros And Cons Of Japanese Immigrants

Japanese immigrants deal with many things when migrating to a new country, some good and some bad. Some barriers they may face are: language, racial issues, health, etc. The goal of this essay is to discuss the pros and cons that Japanese Immigrants in the United States deal with, the background of why they migrated to America in the first place, and what they do culturally both in and out of Japan. I will also be finding the similarities between Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese immigrants. Japanese immigrants migrated to the United States in search of peace and prosperity. Back in Japan these immigrants had an unstable homeland yet, in America they had a chance to work hard to provide a better life for their children and themselves. In the …show more content…
People in Japan more often than not have or follow some kind of religion. Their religion is usually a combination of Shintoism and Buddhism and, instead of being preached, it is the Japanese way of living, or in other words, their moral code. Japanese religion is a private affair and is rarely discussed in everyday life. However, most people will turn to religious rituals in birth, death, marriage, or in spiritual festivals they have throughout the year. Article 20 of the Japanese constitution grants full religious freedom to minority religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Along with religion, Japans manners and customs would be another cultural loss Japanese immigrants would face when moving to the United States. Their manners and customs are different than Americans manners and customs. Bowing is done daily in Japan, it can be a sign of respect, remorse, gratitude, and greeting. Taking off footwear is customary when entering a house, temple, or some restaurants. This custom was created because most Japanese people would eat, sleep, and sit on mats, so walking on the mats with footwear on would be considered dirty. In addition to all the other cultural losses they would face sports is a big thing the Japanese immigrants would be missing out on. Japan has many sports: Sumo wrestling, Kendo (Martial Arts), Karate, etc. They even play modern sports like baseball, soccer, and even figure skating. So, immigrating to a different country can have a gigantic impact on the immigrants who love their culture. Japanese culture also has made an impact on the United States with their food, music, and anime. Manga, a type of Japanese anime, is made for adults and deals with serious themes, and is much different than American cartoons which are generally made for children. Americans who are avid devotees to manga refer to themselves as Otaku, a term similar

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