Disadvantages Of Gene Editing Pros And Cons

I. Gene editing is a type of genetic modification in which DNA is altered, by a quite a few ways such as removing or replacing a defective gene from a genome. During this semester we discussed how you can have a designer baby with all of the qualities and characteristics you want edited into a DNA .In a world where gene editing would take place it would have its pros and cons. Pros being that you can modify a disease or trait from being in your human embryo. Cons being that what if you could not afford this procedure do you just deal with the defective gene and not be able to do anything. Science and its advanced technology have evolved to make gene editing possible. Gene editing human DNA would mean that you can remove disease causing genes …show more content…
Analyzing both articles, they mutually support each other and similarly they discuss gene editing by modifying inherited genes, to alter disease producing genes. Both articles also discuss whether the act of gene editing should be done, and how far should the procedure go as far as to just fix a disease carrying gene, or to make changes for a designer baby by changing the appearance ,intellect ,and talents. Both articles explain how genetic changes are taking place through populations of animals and in plants. In animals, disease can be prevented from future offspring’s by changing their DNA. In plants they can be able to make crops more resistant to extreme weather conditions. The articles differ when discussing about the big hurdle in gene editing, In “Should We Be Editing Human DNA” safety is the key aspect because gene editing is not always clear-cut. There’s the chance of accidentally cutting out the wrong DNA that 's looks alike to the real item. In “Gene Editing Hope For New Cures Or Scary Science “genetic editing with a new system allows for the rapid modification of the DNA of almost any organism, It’s quick, and that can allow for mistakes to happen safety wise, because every gene editing case is different and with the fast construction there is a possibility of accidentally cutting out the wrong

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