Essay On Vaginal Delivery

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Vaginal Delivery VS Cesarean Section Delivery

When it comes to the birth of a new baby, expectant mothers have a lot of different decisions to make. Will the mother decide to give birth naturally or with medical intervention? Would she rather deliver at home, a birthing center, or in the hospital? Does the mother want to deliver her baby vaginally or by elective cesarean section? So many decisions can be quite overwhelming for an expectant mother. Many questions remain unanswered in her mind. No matter what the mother decides, vaginal deliveries are above all a better decision than delivering by elective cesarean section because of easier deliveries, less associated health risks to both the mother and her newborn baby, and shorter recovery times. A mother’s body is naturally made to give birth vaginally without any medical interventions. Delivering a baby vaginally makes a mother feel more active in the birthing of her child than those who choose to deliver by surgical cesarean section. Mothers who deliver vaginally have a positive birthing experience psychologically. They feel a greater accomplishment knowing that they pushed their baby through the birth canal and
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Mothers who deliver vaginally are rewarded with instant mother to baby bonding which allows for immediate breastfeeding. Earlier breastfeeding in babies leads to successful latching and milk intake resulting in healthy babies with little to no feeding issues. As a baby is passing through the birth canal, the narrow passage causes fluid in the baby’s lungs to be squeezed out and lessens the chances of respiratory problems. Babies who are born vaginally receive a dose of good bacteria as they pass through the birth canal which may boosts their immune systems and keep them

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