Amendment Pros And Cons

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There are many people around the world that would voice their own opinions about changes if they thought that their voices would be heard. Those people are always wondering if their ideas would be good for the country or if it would screw everything up. They do not speak up due to the fact that they are afraid to make mistakes that could cause a lot of damage inside the government or they are scared that they would not get heard at all. Some do not realize the process to get their idea ratified into an amendment. The series of steps that must be underwent can also shock and discourage others when submitting their own opinions of to the government. Some ideas that go through are ideas like a government must have a limit of years that a country can have debt before they have to pay that money back. Also, there can be good and bad consequences for the ideas to become an amendment as well as many different obstacles that people have to take into consideration when trying to get an amendment ratified. One of the first things that needs to happen when you are trying to get an amendment ratified is to create an amendment that you would think has the best chance of making it …show more content…
Not only is creating an amendment pretty time consuming since you have to think about the pros and cons as well as how it will benefit everyone as a whole. Getting an amendment ratified can be just as hard or even harder since you have to get a certain number of favored votes from state and congress. Individuals may run into problems they have not thought of while they were creating their amendment or they may realize that it isn’t the greatest thing that they thought would be beneficial after all. But overall, whether or not some people decide to do it or not, there is always an amount of courage that someone must take in order to get an amendment process kicked

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