Pros And Cons Of Algimantas Dailide's Incarceration

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World War II was one of the hardest times in our world, especially with the Nazi overtake. Nazism was very destructive, and it is built on criticism. Nazis committed terrible crimes. Some Nazis are still in our world today, and some former Nazis are still out there, even after committing these terrible acts of hatred. It is debated whether or not that older former Nazis should be tried and incarcerated. We are still trying to capture former Nazis on the run. Particularly the top five most wanted Nazis that have still not been sent to jail. Who are the top ten Nazis? The five most wanted Nazis committed terrible acts and should be incarcerated for them.
Gerhard Sommer is the most wanted Nazi war criminal. Gerhard Sommer was a former
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In 1944, Nazi troops allegedly massacred 184 civilians after resistance fighters shot two German soldiers in Padule di Fucecchio, a Tuscan town. Riss was said to have taken part in this crime. A British sergeant Charles took statements against the massacre from survivors a year later. Rome sentenced him to absentia to life in prison. Germany refused to remove them from their country as well. Johann Robert Riss committed bad crimes, but is not punished just because Germany doesn’t feel to extradite him from the country. Algimantas Dailide takes the number four spot on the list. Algimantas Dailide was convicted for arresting two Polish nationals and twelve Jews during World War II. The accusations against him were denied by him, and he claimed that he only served as an administrator. Dailide immigrated to the US after the war, but in 2004 he was deported to Germany in 2004. A Vilna court concluded that Algimantas Dailide will not be arrested, because he is old and unharmful to society. Algimantas simply did not go to jail, because he was considered too “old” to go to jail, but that does not make up for the bad crimes he …show more content…
If they are in good health, they should be arrested, because they took the lives of innocent people just because of their religions, races, etc. The many Nazis out there should be brought to justice, especially those on this SWC top five list, but some of their countries will not let go of them since the allies have been broken. It is definetly concluded that these Nazis committed terrible acts and they should be incarcerated for

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