Propaganda 's Influence On Historical Events Has Changed The Face Of The Planet For Better And For Worse

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Propaganda’s influence on historical events has changed the face of the planet for better and for worse. Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society in , by Ray Bradbury, compared to its negative and positive usage in today 's society. The brilliant usage of propaganda can be seen in both the Nazis and the British during WWII. Propaganda in is presented as extremely negative, however in real life it is also used to maintain order in society. Propaganda can be used to influence someone 's actions and thoughts. The government in used the arrest of an innocent man to keep any citizen’s thoughts of rebellion to a minimum, and the remainder to thoughts of safety. “The Mechanical Hound Rushed forward into the viewer, suddenly. The helicopter lights shot down a dozen brilliant pillars that built a cage all about the man...The camera rushed down. The Hound leapt up into the air with a rhythm and a sense of timing that was incredibly beautiful. Its needle shot out. It was suspended for a moment in their gaze, as if to give the vast audience time to appreciate everything” (Bradbury,142). Having everything publicized causes a problem in the media. With everything recorded the government can use this to manipulate minds of viewers, using lies and excitement. The innocent man was attacked to portray the power and control of the government. This deters future rebellion as well as providing the compliant masses the illusion of safety. For a government to feel…

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