Propaganda In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Propaganda is a powerful communication tool used by both; the Government or Enterprises. It is usually defined as the purposeful dissemination of political, ideological ideas or opinion. With the aim to influence the public at large in certain way, one can infer that most information is certainly not impartial. George Orwell is known as a novelist, essayist and critic. As the author of books like “Homage to Catalonia”(1938), “Animal Farm”(1945) and “Nineteen Eighty-Four”(1949), Orwell created some of the best work the 20th century has to offer. Born as Eric Arthur Blair in Montihari, Bengal, British-India, in 1903 to “lower-upper-middle class” family, Blair spend his first months in British-India, where his father, a British Civil Servant, was stationed. Blair was the family’s second child and later the middle child, when his sister (?) was born in 1912. Shortly one year after his birth, his mother, his older sister, Marjorie, and he moved to moved to Henley-On-Thames, a town and civil parish in the Southeast of England. Due to his obligation in India, his father stayed behind. Blair never had the chance to really get to know his father, until he retired from the service in 1912. When the pair finally had the chance to become acquainted with one another, it was arduous for Blair to form an intense tie with him.
In 1922, Blair joined the
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At only four years, he composed his first poem, and later, at the age of eleven, when the First World War broke out, he composed a nationalistic poem, which was printed in the local newspaper. Although he has been constantly working on several poems and even attempted to write a short story at the age of 16, he just discovered the joy and power words gave him. Besides from that, Eric Arthur Blair was also aware what he wanted to write about at that time: “Enormous naturalistic with unhappy endings, full detailed descriptions and arresting similes”(Orwell,

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