Propaganda During World War II Essay

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The Systematic effort to persuade. The term propaganda first came to use during the 17th century and is still used today. Propaganda was crucial during World War II for the victory of the Allied forces due to its unification of the untouched American home front which created mass production of war goods. Radio broadcasting, films and print advertisements were used to disseminate propaganda in World War II.

During the first world war the US heavily used propaganda to promote their “War to end all wars” campaign and said the war was being fought to make the world safe for democracy. These statements were an illusion to raise patriotism so the government would gain support for the war. these advertisements quickly turned crude when it became a form of ethnic propaganda, especially promoting negativity towards the Germans, through films, referring to them as barbarians (Democratic, 2011). This showed the campaign to not be completely peace seeking and contradicted its original reason to bring peace (Aboukhadijeh). In World War II the government used propaganda much more lightly, despite how well it worked during World War I. At first the official statement put out by the government was that “the war was being fought to defend the United States”, but this was only successful to a certain degree. “In 1942, public opinion polls revealed that only 10 percent of Americans were familiar with even one provision of the Atlantic Charter,” states Aboukhadijeh, “Only about half of…

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