Essay on Propaganda And The Nazi Propaganda

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Nazi Propaganda
Section A:
Propaganda is “the organized spreading of information to promote the views of a government or movement with the intention of persuading people to think or behave in a certain way.” Through propaganda, Hitler and the Nazis hoped to attain large amounts of support for their polices from the citizens of Germany, as well as showing other countries that Germany was well recovered from the war. The Nazis also aimed to gain control of German life by restricting and regulating what information did and did not reach the citizens of Germany, as well as people from other countries. By using propaganda, Hitler tried to weed out and persecute certain groups, such as Jews, and turn all other people against them. In hopes to make other countries believe that Germany was a strong country, filled with intelligent and healthy people, propaganda was put into action. Propaganda was spread throughout the country, using all methods possible in order to reach the maximum amount of people, causing people to believe and act based on lies and exaggerations. This paper will answer the following questions: What were the key elements in making propaganda that was effective? Which methods did Hitler use to spread propaganda that would convince Germans that Nazi policies and ideals were correct and the best for Germany? How effective was propaganda in gaining the Nazis and Hitler more support from German citizens?
Section B: There were specific strategies and key…

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