Propaganda And The Nazi Party Essay

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Propaganda is the art of persuasion-persuading others that your side of the story is correct. Propaganda takes on many different forms, especially in the 1930’s. Some forms of persuading include making your military look like it is too great to be challenged like the Soviet Union. Both Germany and the Soviet Union used propaganda for their political gain. In some ways, they used it in the same way, to make other religious or political groups inferior to the main party. Germany used it to create an image of the perfect German, helping boost momentum and unity as well as unite the people. Both countries have a different agenda when it comes to their propaganda. One is to display a certain image and the other is to essentially protect the image of its leader.
The propaganda used by the German Nazi Party in the years leading up to, and during Adolf Hitler’s leadership of Germany. It was used as the crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power and implementation of the Nazi policies. The persuasive use of the propaganda by the Nazi’s is largely responsible for the word propaganda, giving it its negative connotation later down the road. The Third Reich established a Ministry of Propaganda, appointing Joseph Goebbels as its Minister. Its goals were to establish enemies in the public mind and the external enemies which had imposed the Treaty of Versailles on Germany as well as the internal enemies that had been brought to the forefront after World War 1 . Goebbels main…

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