Propaganda And Racism : Propaganda Essay

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When discussing about World War II, one might think about Hitler, the axis powers, the allies, and the “winners” and “losers” of this global war. Rarely does one consider how propaganda played a crucial role during this significant movement. Specifically, one fails to recognize the blunt, racist propaganda that was exposed to civilians. This would be the last thing on one’s mine when discussing World War II but that is just it. Propaganda did play a massive role; however, it has been brushed to the side as simply an element of persuasion rather than an element of racism.
The truth is, propaganda has always been a huge part of persuasion with racial intent, yet it is rarely even discussed in the history books how it has evolved/changed as the course of events continue and how these seemingly persuasive elements have led to the stereotypical ideals of society today. Propaganda and racism go hand to hand when exploring how these posters were used to persuade a body of people through fear. This form of persuasion can date as back as to when Africans were brought to work and to be sold to on the Americas to even the 21st century in relation to immigrants from the Middle East and/or Latin America. During World War II, propaganda did not fail to tangle racist elements to persuade citizen to aid in any form possible for their country to be deemed the “winners.”
More specifically, propaganda and racism helped in the establishment of tension between the Japanese and the Americans…

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