Promoting Literacy Development Through Writing Essays

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Entry 1: Promoting Literacy Development through Writing
1. Instructional Context Genesis is a ten year old African American female and is in the fifth grade. She lives in a low income neighborhood with her Grandmother whom has sole custody. While Genesis’ Grandmother would like to play a more active role in her granddaughter’s education, she works a full time job and has health problems that prevent her being able to drive. Genesis was in my fourth grade Read 180 class and is with me again as a fifth grader. I selected this student because she is strong in phonemic awareness, yet her writing scores are weak and she needs the most individualized support in writing. Genesis was referred to me in the third grade because she was a
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I use writing rubrics, conferencing, feedback, student self assessment and peer assessment, observation and the Read 180 Writing Zone to assess her writing ability. The writing workshop lessons were all taught during my fifth grade Read 180 classroom using material resources which foster the writing standards issued and mandated, by the state in which I teach. Developmentally appropriate instructional goals were set for Genesis from the information I gained from assessment. I focused on using grade appropriate texts to assist Genesis in bridging a strong connection between reading and writing. I recognize that the needs of all my students differ dramatically. I choose texts that draw from a variety of literary and cultural traditions as well as both genders. To establish a supportive and stimulating classroom community as well as to assist the instructional challenges of Genesis, I used many different approaches. With the first narrative essay, the class and I brainstormed people we most admire and why. We defined the word admire and came up with reasons we might admire someone. Students created a graphic organizer to help them narrow down their ideas and to list reasons why they admired their choice. At the end of each day’s writing lesson, students

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