Essay on Project Classroom Makeover By Cathy Davidson

2085 Words Oct 26th, 2016 9 Pages
An individual does not know who they are until they have accomplished something great in life, something that is meaningful to them, because completing that certain task or dream makes them complete. For some it maybe to have a great education, have a an awesome job with amazing salary to earn a lot of money and use it throughout their life, and some may just want to get married and have a well mannered lifestyle. Everyone has their own priorities and until they are complete, they cannot focus on anything else, because it is unnecessary. With new expectations from society people forget to make their own, and use them to determine who they are, they only think about who the will be in the future. People, such as students go through this thought process for most part of their lives, even if it extracts some happiness away from their lives, promising to return it when they have earned it. In “ Project Classroom Makeover” Cathy Davidson explains the dull preparation the children go through to reach college and create an identity, but does not include much motivation. The next step in life is explained in “Biographies of Hegemony” by Karen Ho who describes the process of looking for a job after college to signify their identity, and its misery for a person who is not accepted in the workforce due to his/her lack of education. Along the same lines Susan Faludi , who wrote “The Naked Citadel” analyzes The Citadel and the men who have decided to become a part of it. After…

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