Progressivism And Its Impact On The United States Essay examples

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What is Progress is a question asked for the past one hundred or so years of American history? A word that defined the early 1900’s as the United States entered the Industrial Revolution as politicians, robber barons, and industry leaders, fought struggled over the past in what way to progress forward for the benefit of all. In the 1900’s they rallied under such figures as Theodore Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party, and Woodrow Wilson as self-proclaimed Socialist running on the Democratic platform. Progress or Progressivism was largely the brainchild of Theodore Roosevelt and it was this ideology that fueled the passion of the Progressives. While Progressivism and some its ideologies are sound such as women’s suffrage, some regulations on big business, and enabling people to earn a living wage and should be implemented its clarion call for more centralized government, welfare, and its attempt to distance America from her founding is harmful. So this author’s purpose is to demonstrate the positive and negative impacts of progress and show how for the most part it is negative.
Webster’s 1820 dictionary definition of progress reads this way “Advance in knowledge; intellectual or moral improvement; proficiency. The student is commended for this progress in learning; the Christian for his progress in virtue and piety. The adherents to Progressivism or socialistic democracy fail to realize that when a nation ceases to look back on its past and learn from it and also look…

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