Summary Of The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper is a short story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and it is about a woman who is dealing with depression and with help of her husband and a faulty medical treatment shows her decent into madness. This story shows many aspects of Gilman’s life but this does not mean it is in anyway an autobiography. Gilman is able to show some of the experiences she has had in her life and has put it into a fictional story. The Yellow Wallpaper has themes of subordination of women in marriage, gender division with medical treatment, and self-expression. Charlotte Perkins Gilman is known for writing feminist pieces of work which is also shown in The Yellow Wallpaper as well. Throughout the story the Yellow Wallpaper there was a theme …show more content…
Charlotte Perkins Gilman had a husband named Charles Stetson and a daughter Katharine. After the birth of her daughter Katharine, Gilman became overwhelmed with depression. Gilman then goes to receive treatment from Dr. Silas Weir who was mention in the book. His technique ultimately fails and causes her depression to deepen. Gilman then divorces her husband and sends her daughter to live with him. This was a relatively big deal because women did not divorce their husbands in that day in age. Gilman later marries a man by the name of Houghton Gilman which was her first cousin. After her husband died suddenly Gilman was diagnosed with breast cancer and she chose to take her own life. (Davis …show more content…
Men were definitely the providers while the women were supposed to stay home and be the homemakers. This put big restrictions on women for self-expression. Self-expression is a rising topic in Gilman’s time period more and more female authors are showing their distraught with men trying to stifle their writing. In almost all of Gilman’s writing it has to do with the topic of sexism or the gender roles between man and woman. Another example of a woman who wrote for her self-expression and for sexism in this time period would be Emily Dickinson. Emily Dickinson has some of the same themes as Gilman. One Example would be Dickinson’s poem They Shut me up in Prose. It is about how men try to stop Dickinson from being a poet and how men treat her as a child. This poem has a good deal of similarities to The Yellow Wallpaper.
The Yellow Wallpaper is a representation of the objectification and subordination that women had to go through in this time period. The Yellow Wallpaper has themes of subordination of women in marriage, gender division with medical treatment, and self-expression. All of themes that were made into a story that was loosely based off of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s own life and her experiences. She even adds her own physician into the story by name and the treatment her used for her. Charlotte Perkins Gilman made this story

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