Progress Of The Women 's Role Essay

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Progress of the Women’s Role

For centuries, in the United States, there has been an equality issue between men and women pertaining to the roles played by each gender. Due to the original depiction of what roles pertain to men and women copious amounts of women have felt inferior in their roles as housewives. Closing the equality gap between men and women will allow everyone to the same opportunities that was once inaccessible to many. The events our nation has undergone pertaining to equality between men and women have altered the original depiction of what roles men and women obtain in society today. My main goal of this paper is to exhibit multiple major events that have helped transform the original depiction of a woman’s role to what it is now.
The original depiction of the women and men’s role in the 1900’s proves to us the magnitude of the inequality within the Unites States. The original depiction of the man’s role was to make the major decisions for the family as well as provide for his family. (Feminine Mystique, pg. 295) “A man must carry his share by physical protection and financial support of his children and of the woman who bears his children. (What’s Wrong with Equal Rights for Women? Pg. 114) The original depiction of the women’s role was that, “their only dream was to be perfect wives and mothers, and their highest ambition was to have five children and a beautiful home.” (Feminine Mystique, pg. 295) Many women have shared the sense of…

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