Essay on Professionalism : The And Professionalism

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Professionalization and professionalism are two very similar words but both have different meanings. Professionalism is considered more of an image because one demonstrates skill, good judgment, and a polite behaviour geared towards specific professions. Professionalization on the other hand is defined as the social process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true profession. Without professionalization, standards would not be set for an individual to act professionally. Both professionalization and professionalism are key components to nursing. In order to be a nurse, one must act professionally and demonstrate professionalism. Nurses are viewed with a high standard and it is important to keep these standards when caring for others. As professionals, nurses are “expected to display competent and skillful behaviours in alignment with their profession” (Gokenbach, 2013). This professionalism came from our early roots with Florence Nightingale, who established the first set of principles to the practice. “She was an inventor, a visionary, a missionary and she delivered all with a commitment to passion and love” (Gokenbach, 2013). She was able to recognize the many factors that affect health care and implement changes in order to improve the health care system. Examples of her major concepts were ventilation and warming, cleanliness of rooms, bed and bedding, personal cleanliness, nutrition, management and observation. Along with these concepts, to be…

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