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Upon watching the video presentation 1, I was able to follow the sequence of the conversation between the buyer and the seller. The first thing that I have understood is a salesperson or seller needs to understand business well enough to help their dream clients or buyers improve their business. It’s also very helpful to have the situational knowledge that comes from having done lots of discovery sales calls and from actually helping clients. I believe that it is wiser to build first relationship before value. It’s good to know some things. It’s even better to know
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If you are resourceful, you may find that your creativity helps you to help your dream buyer stand out to any performance gain that they might have imagined. Be smart. Get business expertise. Get experience. And retain you’re brave, childlike curiosity so you can keep asking questions until you understand.

VIDEO PRESENTATION 2: SALES CALL – SOLUTION PRESENTATION As the discovery of what really the buyer’s need in the video presentation 1, the next video presentation tells the solution by which the seller may credit to the buyer at the same time create a more mutual relationship with his buyer.

It is a big risk if the seller may missed the chance to go further into detail not only the features of their product, but also most specially check out what is indeed the buyer’s company is aiming to have for.

Salespeople should strive to communicate to the buyer. How the buyer needs will be met or how an opportunity can be realized as a result of a purchase. How the product features translate, in a functional sense, into benefits for the buyer. Why the buyer should purchase from the salesperson as opposed to a competitive salesperson. This kind of strategy was been able to apply by the by the seller in the presentation. By means of introducing the features, potential benefit and confirmed benefit of the services they are providing.

Successful selling isn't about presenting. Presenting your solution

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