Essay on Processed Foods Have Revolutionized America

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Processed foods have revolutionized America since they were Introduced in World war I, they served to help soldiers on the field that were in need of food supplies in the field. After World war II America was revolutionized by the changes that processed foods made to America. There was a time that of scarcity in America for food, therefore people were in poor health and the fats that the processed foods contained were easy and cheap to obtain to them. But in later years America had enough food and maintaining that unhealthy diet from before seemed to be dangerous to our health therefore causing several diseases and health problems that were a result from all of those artificial flavors, cheap fats, excess sugars, etc. that are in the many processed foods we consume every day. Take a look at the food we consume in our everyday lives they all consist of excess of everything that is causing damages to our body, damages such as diabetes, high blood sugar, and obesity. In a ted talk I watched called “Jamie Oliver: Teach Every child about food” he states that teaching people how to eat food and cook it too would have revolutionized the bad habits that we have acquired over these years. Oliver presents on the screen that the most common deaths are diet related such as heart attack, cancers and diabetes the deaths of these are more common than suicides and accidents and heart attack related deaths are three times a more common death than dying from the influenza and pneumonia.…

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