Essay on Procedures : What Will You Do And Say?

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Procedures: What will you do and say? (A bulleted list, very thorough, write down everything you will say and do and what you expect the children to do; align with goals and standards.)
• T: Group one lets gather on the back carpet for our mini lesson.
• Students leave desks and come to sit on the back carpet around me. The rest of the class works on their rotation’s assignment.
• T: As you know we have been talking about inferring during our rotations. This is important work because it allows us to be good readers and use our prior knowledge and clues from the text to draw conclusions and form an understanding of the text. Today, while you are reading Ghosts in The House I want you to use your knowledge and clues from the book to help to figure out the meaning of the book.
• T: So as a reader, I am looking at this book and thinking about what this book might be about. The book is called Ghosts in The House and I see on the back cover that a young girl is running into her parent’s room with a frightened look on her face, and they are all wearing pajamas. I think this book is going to be about a young girl who finds ghosts in her house during the night and she wants her parents to come see them.
• T: Did you notice how I used what I know from prior knowledge about when people are wearing pajamas that usually means it is night time to come to the conclusions that the girl most likely will find the ghosts during the night time. I know that she will find ghosts because I am…

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