America's Education System

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The Problem with Education
It is no secret that America has trouble with their education system. Here in America, a decent education can seemingly be achieved only by having a decent economic background. If you don’t have a good economic background, then there is no way you can continue your education past high school unless your grades are really good and you get a scholarship to get into a good four year college. This is discouraging because a lot of these kids want to further their education, but won’t be able to because of the fact that they don’t have money. In high school they provide you with free breakfast and lunch.
In America there are two types of schools, Public and Private. The public schools are given some money by the government
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The average cost of a 4 year college is about $63,718, and that’s including tuition, food, housing, and books. “ The reason College Costs More Than You think” by Jon Marcus ( Pg.143 Paragraph 6 Sentence 1) Not to mention of course that Dwight school is “run for profit” (Pg.978 Paragraph 10 Finland’s School of Success.
The author of Finland’s School of Success focuses on America’s Education system. She’s not trying to call out America’s system, but merely point out that they focus more on being the best rather than actually focusing on the education of students. Here in America the education system focuses so much on testing students all the time so the school can look good and get money that they have started to lower the passing grade. This looks really good on the school, but it doesn’t do any good to the students since they aren’t really learning anything.
The real reason that America’s education is so bad is because of the different economic backgrounds. The economic backgrounds have everything to do with education because if you don’t have money you can’t further your education. In Finland it’s not about the economic background or social status. In Finland it’s about giving everyone the chance to be able to get their education and further it if they wish

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